Sheep Ricotta salata ( seasoned)

Caseificio Fratelli Pinna - Thiesi

Sheep’s milk ricotta
Shelf-life: 180 days from packing date

Wheels: 3 Kgs/2 pcs per box vacuum packed; TI: 12 cases per layer / HI: 9 layers per pallet; Case dimensions: mm 470 L x 240 W x 145 H.
It is a pressed, salted and dried cheese, made from sheep’s milk whey. Pinna add fresh cream during the production that makes Ricotta Salata’s taste mild, salty, yet slightly sweet. It is milky white in colour, with a firm texture. It has a mature and full-bodied flavour.
1.Ideal for crumbling and grating on pasta dishes, soups or broths.
2.The perfect topping for “Pasta alla Norma”.
3.Shredded over vegetables salads or watermelon salads.
4.Original topping for special pizzas.
5.Pairs well with smooth and fruity white-wines.

Ingredients: 99%  sheep’s milk whey, salt