Polyflora Honey

Apicoltura 4 Mori

Weight: 500 gr

Honey with varied properties depending on the area of harvest, spanning from April to September. The array of flavours that can be identified demonstrate the diversity of our flora; the possible serving suggestions are vast and allow for a full expression of creativity and imagination, particularly when used as a base for sauces.
Color: From amber to dark amber
Aroma: Accentuated, very distinct, linked to the prevalence of the flower essence from which it derives
Flavour: Very variable, intense
Crystallization: Irregular, partial, often with large crystals
Collection period: April/September

Nutritional values (for 100g):
Energy: 304Kccl/1.272 Kj – Fat: 0 g – Carbs: 82,4 g – Sugars: 82,4 g – Protein: 0,2 g – Salt: 0,1 g