Pecorino Romano DOP

Caseificio Fratelli Pinna - Thiesi

Hard sheep’s cheese
Shelf-life: 240 days from packing date

Wheels: 22 Kgs/1 pcs per box, white or black wax; Quarters: 5,50 Kgs/4 pcs per box vacuum packed; Eights: 2,75 Kgs/8 pcs per box vacuum packed; TI: 6 cases per layer / HI: 5 layers per pallet; Case dimensions: mm 350 L x 350 W x 330H.
Pecorino Romano dates back thousands of years, from ancient Roman times. Protected by the PDO marking, it is made in accordance with stringent regulations that indicate the only areas where it can be produced. Its outside appearance consists of a cylindrical block with a pale-yellow rind, cured by hand with dry salt. Inside is creamy-white, the texture is firm and compact, but with a grainy surface. After 5 months ageing, it reaches a slightly sharp but pleasant flavor and it is ready for being consumed as a table cheese. After 8 months ageing it is ready for grating, with its intense, pungent, salty and unique flavour.
1.Ideal for grating on any pasta dish such as Bucatini all’Amatriciana or Carbonara Spaghetti.
2.Grated on vegetable soups, or as a table cheese with meat and veggie.
3.With fresh fruit such as grapes or pears.
4.Pairs well with red, but not too tannic wines.

Ingredients: 100% thermized sheep’s milk, salt (salted in brine), lamb rennet