Pecorino Pepato

Caseificio Fratelli Pinna - Thiesi

Mild sheep’s cheese
Shelf-life: 120 days from packing date

Wheels: 14 Kgs/1 pc per box vacuum packed; ¼ cut: 3,50 Kgs/4 pcs per box vacuum packed; 1/8 cut: 1,8Kgs/8 pcs per box vacuum packed; TI: 6 cases per layer / HI: 7 layers per pallet; Case dimensions: mm 380 L x 380 W x 160 H. Variable-weight wedges: 300 gr vacuum packed/ 20 pcs per box; TI: 10 cases per layer / HI: 10 layers per pallet. Case dimensions: mm 395 L x 198 W x 135 H
 It is another traditional gourmet cheese among Pinna’s range: it is a hard-textured pecorino cheese, studded with peppercorns, and characterized by a basket-shape rind. Aged for over 6 months, this cheese develops an intense, tangy and salty taste.
1.Ideal as a seasoning for pasta with tomato sauce and great for “cheese and pepper” pasta.
2.Superb when served as an appetizer, especially with pancetta and spiced salami.
3.Marries perfectly with vegetables, such as broccoli or fava beans.
4.Delicious when accompanied with roasted meat with a glass of spicy red wine.

Ingredients: 100% pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt ( salted in brine), animal rennet, black peppercorn