Apicoltura 4 Mori


Apicoltura I 4 Mori - Italian Honey

Apicoltura Quattro Mori was born from the love for Sardinia and her nature.

We are a young apiculture company specialized in beekeeping and the transformation of their products.

Over the years, love and passion has allowed us to achieve a level of professionalism and experience that make us competitive on today’s Italian and foreign market.

Our products are obtained by the meeting between ancient practices and modern techniques, meshing tradition with innovation.

Day after day, constantly aware of the difficulties that follow when you choose quality as a task and vocation, always proud of the path traveled so far, we continue full of enthusiasm on the same journey.

Thank to those choices, today we are able to make and offer excellent products of the highest quality.
Our bees are breed in the uncontaminated nature of Sardinia, in the territory of Usini, located 250m above the sea level.

Surrounded by a fascinating and enchanting landscape where nature reigns over a vast wilderness, rich in alluring smells and delicate nuances, crossed by a wonderful natural waterway, our bees live in the perfect habitat, which allows us to obtain the valuable qualities of our products.