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Nieddittas. From our excellent  production chain in Sardinia


To bring the taste and freshness of the sea to all of Italy’stables: this is the mission of Nieddittas,the leading Sardinian company for mussel farming in Italy.

We came into being in the Gulf of Oristano over 50 years ago,and we have grown constantly thanks to development policiest that have always been oriented towards achieving the highest quality. Today, our brand is known and admired all over Italy.

A source of pride for the whole of Sardinia, a synonym for quality and freshness for countless customers.

  • Where Niedditta’s excellence comes from.
    Nieddittas mussels offer all the taste of the Sardinian sea because they are grown in the Gulf of Oristano, or live here after being selected from the hatcheries of Sardinia, the Mediterranean and the best seas for quality and climate. And they always guarantee taste and freshness because they come from Nieddittas’ excellent production chain in Sardinia. Here, in the Gulf of Oristano’s sea and factories, Nieddittas mussels are processed following certified procedures, with control of the whole production chain and with utmost respect for the environment.
  • Nieddittas. The Gulf of Oristan0’s sea and plants.
    Nieddittas has about 86 hectares of mariculture plants, in the Gulf of Oristano, and a factory on land that purifies 750 quintals per cycle. In Sardinia, the Nieddittas network of companies – including Logica, our distribution partner – provides permanent work for 210 people, and in the summer our staff reaches 260. Wecontinually invest in training and professional development, because we know that Nieddittas’quality and safety depend above all on our capacity for continuous improvement.
    In order to offer the highest quality to the market, we have chosen to certify our business processes, as shown by the quality stamps on our labels. Moreover, we were the first in Italy and we are still the only ones in Sardinia to have product certification for the entire production chain for our mussels, which are certified, according to DT (Territorial Delineation) 72, from the Gulf of Oristano.
  • Control of the whole production chain, is the foundation of Nieddittas.
    We directly follow the entire production chain. Nieddittas mussels are grown in our sea or live here to acquire their taste and quality. We collect them directly with our boats and we follow every phase of processing in our factories, from checks to purification, from packaging to shipping. We control every step directly, and this is also why weguarantee the market the highest standards of quality.Nieddittas is also a recognised leader in the field of communication. We were among the very first in our sector to create and make known a commercial brand, and we take care of the relationship with consumers using all the tools of marketing and communication. From the web to social media, from print campaigns and posters to TV commercials, in recent years the Nieddittas brand has become known and loved by an increasing number of consumers.
Mussels are our main product, but they are not the only product signed with the Nieddittas brand name. Our company also produces and sells: local clams, heart clams, gilt-head sea bream,local fish, banded murex, clams, oysters, razor clams, lumachinos, sea truffles,scallops, lupin, smooth clams, amber coloured bottarga, fish stock and sea urchin pulp. Thanks to our partner LOGICA – fish platform – we also have tanks for keeping live crayfish, lobsters and eels.
  • An innovation signed by Nieddittas
    Nieddittas Boxes offer fresh Nieddittas products packaged in a HYPOBARIC ATMOSPHERE: PET trays,sealed with a skin-like transparent film, which causes a slight reduction
    in the total air pressure without modifying the composition of the gases. No chemical substances are added and no particular treatment is required other than maintaining low temperatures. This type of packaging makes it possible to offer genuine and fresh products of great quality, which have the same sensory features as the ones just caught, excellent shelf life, maximum hygiene and greater practicality in terms of distribution and sales.
  • Logica:a strategic partner
    The ability to deliver our product in the shortest time possible and in conditions of maximum freshness is one of our strengths thanks to our partnership with LOGICA, a logistics company with which we are affiliated. Thanks to a fleet of 28 temperature-controlled isothermal vehicles and a logistics platform for processing, sorting and transporting local fish, LOGICA guarantees delivery anywhere on the island in less than 24 hours and in the rest of Italy in less than 48 hours.
  • Protagonists in the recipe of the great chefs.
    In the kitchen, mussels lend themselves to many different uses. To taste them you can choose not only traditional recipes, but also the recipes that many great chefs have dedicated to our mussels and our other products. Many of these recipes have been published online and collected in the Nieddittas recipe books, which can be downloaded from our website.

For many years the big names GDO (large scale distributors) and Ho.Re.Ca. have placed their trust in us by offering our products to the public. In fact, Nieddittas mussels are found in the fish departments at Auchan, Bennet, Carrefour, Conad, Coop, Crai, Despar, Esselunga, Eurospin, Gruppo Sigma, Il Gigante, Supermercati Pan, Magazzini Gabrielli, Marr, Metro, Ortofin gruppo Finiper, Pam Panorama, Sidal, Sogegross Spa.
In Milan and Rome we have our stalls at wholesale fish markets and from there we supply wholesalers, restaurants, fishmongers and street vendors. In Sardinia, in addition to GDO and Ho.Re.Ca., we also supply wholesalers, restaurants, fishmongers, and we have a stall at the fish market in Cagliari, the most important regional commercial hub. In Arborea, where our factories are located, we have our retail store.

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