Fresh sheep’s milk Ricotta

Caseificio Fratelli Pinna - Thiesi

Fresh sheep’s milk ricotta cheese
Shelf-life: 20 days

Size: 1,8 kgs/1 pc per box packed in a protective atmosphere; TI: 16 cases per layer / HI: 5 layers per pallet. Case dimensions: mm 250 L x 250 W x 170 H.
Pinna’s hand-ladled traditional fresh sheep’s milk Ricotta. Ready for eating just a few hours after production. It has a mild, intense, milky flavour and a delicate, gentle texture. It preserves a typical conical shape and grooved surface of the traditional Ricotta. Fresh sheep’s milk Ricotta is the original Ricotta for Cannoli cream and it is creamer, read dense and sweeter than the regular cow’s milk Ricotta.
1.Great for fresh pasta and “Ravioli” filling.
2.Delicious to be enjoyed as is or as a dessert topped with honey or fresh fruit.
3.Perfect for filling “Cannoli” shells and superb ingredient for cheesecake.
4.Matches well with white sparkling wine.

Ingredients:sheep’s milk whey, sheep’s milk