Fresh gilt-head sea bream-1 piece



Packaging:transparent tray (250 x 180 x 45 mm), Variable Weight (1 piece approx. 0.300 kg) sealed with transparent film.
American case containing 12 pieces dimensions: 512 x 366 x 130mm
All packaging materials are suitable for contact with food as per current legislation. The type of packaging used allows to overcome various limiting factors for the distribution system; improves the shelf life, organoleptic qualities of the product and its presentation, allowing fish products to be sold at self-service counters, present in most commercial retail establishments.
Production method catch area: Farmed in Italy – Sardinia
Category: Fresh gutted fish packaged in a protective atmosphere with reduced air pressure
External appearance: Glossy appearance and skin with a bright and iridescent colour, bluish silvery colour, presence of a characteristic golden band and black dune on the interorbital space. White flesh, firm and elastic, smooth surface, presence of watery, transparent cutaneous mucus.
Odour: Sea salt, fresh seaweed, not acrid
Shelf life: 10 days from the packaging date for an unopened package
Storage and transport temperature: 4-6°C ± 2°C

Nutritional Value ( average for 100 g):