Extra virgin olive oil – L’originale

Olificio San Giuliano


The origins of our Classic San Giuliano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that in Italy is called l’Originale meaning the
original one, lie within the most traditional Italian olive varieties combined with late autumn ripening to create a
product which is full and fragrant. The Original Classic Extra Virgin is packaged by San Giuliano in customized dark green glass bottles designed to protect the product from ultraviolet rays and oxidation.
Ingredients: 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil.
Olive cultivar: Bosana, Frantoio, Coratina, Leccino, Semidana.
Origin: 100% Italian.
Processing: Cultivated without the use of OGM ore pesticides. Mechanically harvested directly from the tree from the end of November to January, then cold pressed with granite millstones, continuous cycle system, natural decanting and filtering.
Sensory characteristics: Clear, golden yellow colour, fruity aroma of ripe olives, hints of almond and vanilla, a sweet and well-balanced taste with gentle spicy tones.
Use: The San Giuliano Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well-balanced and can be easily combined with all dishes. Excellent on seafood starters, vegetable purees, mixed fried vegetables, shellfish, fresh cheeses, fried sweets and cakes.
Expire date: 18 months