Eucalyptus Honey

Apicoltura 4 Mori

Weight: 500 gr

A peculiar honey, with distinctive liquorice notes, lightly sweet, is harvested in July, it crystallize slowly.
Excellent served along with sour foods, brings the properties of the plant from which it derives.
Color: From light amber to amber
Aroma: Characteristic, aromatic, intense
Flavour: Pronounced, persistent, pleasant
Crystallization: Compact mass with fine crystals readily soluble
Collection period: July

Nutritional values (for 100g):
Energy: 304Kccl/1.272 Kj – Fat: 0 g – Carbs: 82,4 g – Sugars: 82,12 g – Protein: 0,5 g – Salt: 0,3 g