Citrus Honey

Apicoltura 4 Mori

Weight: 500 gr

Fruity fresh and citrus scented, typical of the orange blossom this crystallizes naturally and finely. It is excellent in herbal teas and to sweeten summer drinks.
Should be tried paired with ricotta cheese and in bittersweet.
Color: From clear white to white
Aroma: Light typical of the flowers of orange blossom
Flavour: Normally sweet sometimes sour
Crystallization: Very slow with small transparent crystals
Collection period: April/October

Nutritional values (for 100g):
Energy: 304 Kccl/1.272 Kj – Fat: 0 g – Carbs: 82,4 – Sugars:82,12 g – Protein: 0,2 g – Salt: 0,1 g