Chestnut Honey

Apicoltura 4 Mori

Weight: 500 gr

A strongly flavoured, sour, almost pungent honey, for true connoisseurs, dark amber colour, is harvested from June to July.
Combined with fresh cheeses to create a pleasant contrast of flavours. Rich in mineral salts.
Color:  Dark with tones of green and red
Aroma: Strong pungent aromatic almost dry wood
Flavour: Strong sharp bitter aftertaste
Crystallization: Slow and coarse
Collection period: June/July

Nutritional values (for 100g):
Energy: 330 Kccl/1.380 Kj – Fat: 0 g – Carbs: 82,1 g – Sugars: 82,1 g – Protein: 0,3 g – Salt: 0,1 g