Gilt-head sea bream fillets

Product Specifications

2-dimensional transparent tray, Variable Weight (approx. 0.170 kg, 2 pieces) sealed with transparent film.
– dimensions 250 x 180 x 25 mm, TARE WEIGHT: 40 g
– dimensions 232 x 146 x 27 mm, TARE WEIGHT: 20 g
American case containing 12 pieces dimensions: 512 x 366 x 130mm.
All packaging materials are suitable for contact with food as per current legislation.
The type of packaging used allows to overcome various limiting factors for the distribution system; improves the shelf life, organoleptic qualities of the product and its presentation, allowing fish products to be sold at self-service counters, present in most commercial retail establishments
Production method catch area
Farmed in Italy – Sardinia
External Appearance
Firm and elastic flesh, shiny appearance, slightly rosy colour, no mucus.
10 days from the packaging date for an unopened package
Sea salt, fresh seaweed, not acrid
Storage and transport
4-6°C ± 2°C
Fresh fish fillet with skin packaged in a protective atmosphere with reduced air pressure
Nutritional Value (average for 100 g)

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