Ricotta mustia

Ricotta Mustia is a particular type of fresh sheep’s ricotta, salted and slightly smoked. Dry cured for 24 hours, then smoked for 5-6 hours, this ricotta is produced according to an artisan traditional recipe. It has a soft, delicate, white and compact texture and a smoky, savory taste.
1.Superb on pasta dishes or on soups.
2.Surprisingly delicious when combined with fish.
3.A unique, special ingredient for savory pies and special pizzas.
4.To be eaten as an appetizer, delighting when accompanied by figs or quince jam.
5.Pairs well with fruity white wines

Product Specifications

Shelf Life
180 days from packing date
3 Kgs/2 pcs per box vacuum packed; TI: 10 cases per layer / HI: 8 layers per pallet
Case dimensions
mm 470 L x 240 W x 145 H.
99%  sheep’s milk whey, salt
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