Pecorino Unico Sardo

This half-cooked cheese, with intense aroma and flavorsome taste, is characterized by a typical brown rind, treated with olive oil; an accurate ageing of about 4 months and a dedicate olive-oil-treatment releases a special Mediterranean fragrance, which makes this cheese unique. In a few words, UNICO SARDO. Authentic Sardinian cheese.
1.It is the perfect ingredient for tomato sauces, for veggies risottos and pastas.
2.Superb when served as an appetizer, topped with balsamic vinegar cream and accompanied by Parma Ham or Mortadella di Bologna IGP.
3.To be eaten as is or topped with blueberries or red fruits jam.
4.Pairs well with robust-red-wines such as a glass of Merlot.


Product Specifications

180 days from packing date
3 Kgs/2 pcs per box vacuum packed; TI: 10 cases per layer;   HI: 8 layers per pallet
Case dimensions
 mm 470 L x 240 W x 145 H.
100% pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt ( salted in brine), animal rennet
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