Fiore Sardo DOP

Fiore Sardo DOP is definitely the main product of Sardinian cheese-making tradition. It is still made with raw sheep’s milk sourced from a single flock of local Sardinian breed, located in some small mountain huts in Central Sardinia. After selecting the best cheese from the local shepherds, Pinna takes care of the delicate maturation and smoking process, that makes its fragrance so unique. After a minimum aging of 4 months (that can be extended up to 8 months), cheese comes in a natural, dark brown rind, which is polished with olive oil. Upon slicing, the pate reveals a compact, dense, straw yellow or white colour. Its rich, intense, spicy flavour intensifies depending on the length of maturation.
1.Excellent when grated on pasta.
2.Perfect ingredient for “Pesto alla Genovese” pasta sauce.
3.Served in shavings or in wedges, as an appetizer, with cold cuts.
4.Pairs well with young red wines, as well as with crisp, acidic, white wines.

Product Specification

Type Of Cheese
Hard smoked sheep’s cheese
Shelf Life
180 days from packing date
4 Kgs/2 pcs per box vacuum packed. TI: 10 cases per layer / HI: 7 layers per pallet
Case Dimensions
mm 410 L x 210 W x 150 H
100% raw sheep’s milk, salt (salted in brine), kid rennet
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