Brigante with saffron and black peppercorn


When Brigante sheep’s milk fragrance is enhanced with vibrant spices like saffron and black pepper, the result is a surprisingly intense, savoury cheese. Thanks to its captivating aroma, it may be even served as an after-dinner cheese, paired with a glass of sweet or raisin wine. Aged for about 20 days, this product is excellent as an ingredient for your plain pasta dishes or for your “Risotto alla Milanese”. This cheese is able to inspire creative and innovative dishes.
1.Served as an appetizer with cured meat.
2.Served as an after-dinner cheese.
3.Perfect ingredient for “Risotto alla Milanese”.
4.With vegetables and Legumes, such as beans and peas or combined with exotic foods.

Product Specifications

Type Of Cheese
Mild sheep’s cheese
Shelf Life
120 days from packing date[/mks_toggle

1,5 Kgs/3 pcs per box vacuum packed. TI: 6 boxes per layer / HI: 10 layers per pallet.
Case Dimensions
mm 480 L x 165 W x 95 H
100% pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt (salted in brine), animal rennet,saffron and black peppercorn ( max 1%)
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