Brigante with rosmary

Brigante’s milky aroma combined with Rosemary’s flavour. The result is a unique cheese which reminds all the Mediterranean perfumes and fragrances. Its delicate but intense aroma can be paired with a glass of elegant white wine.

1.Perfect ingredient for fresh “Pasta Salads”.
2.For veggie Mediterranean-style antipasti, especially combined with dried apricots and dates.
3.Served as a table chees with fresh tomatoes, or as an appetizer.
4.We would definitely recommend a pairing with Vermentino wine, in a perfect Sardinian marriage!

Product Specifications

120 days from packing date
1,5 Kgs/3 pcs per box vacuum packed. TI: 6 boxes per layer / HI: 10 layers per pallet.
Case dimensions
mm 480 L x 165 W x 95 H.[/mks_toggle

100% pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt ( salted in brine), animal rennet, rosemary leaves and rosemary powder (max 1%).
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