Brigante lactose free

For those lactose intolerant consumers that do not want to give up on milky pleasures and great taste foods. With an attentive, innovative process we have produced a wonderful sheep’s cheese which preserves the same milky flavor and buttery texture of classic Brigante.
1.For summery fresh salads or with meat and baked vegetables.
2.Melted on toasted bread or on crackers.
3.Pairs well with mild wines, especially with white wines.

Product Specifications
120 days from packing date
1,5 Kgs/6 pcs per box vacuum packed. TI: 5 boxes per layer / HI: 10 layers per pallet.
Case dimensions
mm 480 L x 330 W x 95 H.
100% pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt ( salted in brine), animal rennet.
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