Brigante for slicing

Brigante’s delicate and refined flavour is available in a new loaf format, created for any cooking and catering purposes. Aged up to 35 days, this cheese has a semi-soft but quite compact texture and an intense milky aroma.
1.Sliced on gourmet sandwiches.
2.Melted on Lasagna, Pizza or toasted bread.
3.Chopped on summery fresh salads.
4.Marries perfectly with vegetables and fresh tomatoes.

Product Specifications

120 days from packing date
2,75/2Kgs or 5,5 Kgs/2 pcs per box vacuum packed. TI: 6 boxes per layer / HI: 7 layers per pallet.
Case dimensions
mm 470 L x 240 W x 145 H.
100% pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt ( salted in brine), animal rennet
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