Acacia Honey

Apicoltura 4 Mori

Weight: 500 gr

An extremely versatile honey, thanks to its delicate, sweet taste it can be used as a substitute for sugar, or savoured on its own along with seasoned cheeses.
Harvested from May to June, its colour is almost transparent and never becomes crystallized
Color: Transparent or light yellow
Aroma: Light and delicate
Flavour: Very reminiscent of the sweet sugary syrup
Crystallization: Absent or very late, with large crystals but easily soluble
Collection period: April/May

Nutritional values (for 100g):
Energy: 304 Kccl/1.272 Kj – Fat: 0 g – Carbs: 82,4 g – Sugars: 82,12 g – Protein: 0,26 g – Salt: 0 g